Friends in Need is a way for people affected by depression to meet online and in their local area. It’s free to join and a great way to share support.


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Talking to people who understand how you feel can make a huge difference

Through Friends in Need you can chat online, find others who share your interests and meet up with people near you.

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Need someone who understand me in Bristol

Hi I'm tony I live in Bristol and would like to meet and chat to new people maybe meet up for a drink and chat I work early in the morning so I'm free from 12 most days and get lonely and upset and feel confusion over water to do so would like to make some friends xx

Started by cookantony
2 years ago
BristolCity of BristolUK

Cinema lovers

Hi I would like to chat with other people about films maybe meet up to go to the cinema x

Started by cookantony
2 years ago
BristolCity of BristolUK

Coventry Friends

A new group based i in Coventry for anyone of any age who has been or is suffering from the feeling of anxiety and depression. To form a group for evening meets as and when necessary and to be out and about at the weekend to get to meet those in a similar position for help and support


Just to make friends really anyone can join, I hope there are people from Southampton on here. Feeling a bit lonely :(


Looking for friends in southampton/hampshire

Hello, I'm new to this looking for friends around southampton or anywhere in hampshire. I suffer with Borderline Personality Disorder,Depression and Anxiety. Just feel very alone so would be nice to make some friends.


Coffee or drink in Leicestershire

I'm struggling at the moment with my depression. Constantly feeling low and alone. I've gone through a lot in the past 2 months with family and being forced out of home to live somewhere on my own that I can't really afford aswell as all the other stresses of bills etc. It would be nice to get out and talk to people who have the same low, alone feeling that I do.

Started by _bethg
2 years ago


Anyone in Bridlington or local area looking for some company:) xx

Started by zacpercival
2 years ago
BridlingtonEast Riding of YorkshireUK

Need to chat

Just want to connect with other people who are feeling like me so I don't feel so damn lonely all the time. Maybe arrange meet ups because there doesn't seem to be much in the area

Started by peanut16
3 years ago

Others in Edinburgh, Borders, Glasgow

I noticed there wasn't many groups or meet ups in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Scottish borders and was hoping we could maybe organise a Scottish meet up. Im abby by the way :)

Making friends in Edinburgh

Looking to get to know people from Edinburgh. Chat about anything (films, music, politics, life, anything!) and hopefully make some new friends.

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Whether you are affected by depression or you’re supporting someone with depression, our community can help you:

  • Maintain recovery
  • Meet new people
  • Challenge yourself
  • Share your experiences
  • Make a difference

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