Friends in Need is a way for people affected by depression to meet online and in their local area. It’s free to join and a great way to share support.


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Talking to people who understand how you feel can make a huge difference

Through Friends in Need you can chat online, find others who share your interests and meet up with people near you.

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Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness ...

This is about depression and anxiety, worry and feelings of guilt. Sometimes this world can be a lonely place, and the felling that no one cares or understands how you fell. Felling Lost, Confused and Indecisive can make you fell what's the point of being here trapped. Also I have discovered that an issue I have since a young age still here and I'm aware of it now, it makes more sense. It's called - Body Dysmorphic Disorder - An eg: ocd/obsession + anorexia it can be similar to body dysmorphic disorder.

Started by kelkelinha
3 years ago

animal kennels

needs new friends feel lonely around here

Started by cutiepie
8 hours ago

Meet and chat

It's all about meeting up and talking about our experiences and discussing ideas about different things we can all do to get out of the house or for people that don't want to meet up it can just be a online chat.

Started by deesmiley
2 years ago
London E14UK


I know there are few members from Sheffield here and i wondered if anyone wanted to meet up.

Started by emma22
4 years ago
SheffieldSouth YorkshireUK

Sheffield support group

Hi! I am new here and I realize there are no active groups in the area of Sheffield. I though it would be nice to have one. Feel free to chat about anything

Started by mawmi
11 months ago
SheffieldSouth YorkshireUK

Carlisle/Cumbria/North East/Scotland

I noticed there isn't any groups on here for Carlisle and surrounding areas and thought I would start this up and see if we can get a bit of a group going. My names Daniel and I live in Carlisle so please feel free to say hi. :) I want everyone to be able to be free and open about how they feel and don't want anyone to feel like their being judged as we are all in the same boat. Enjoy

Started by debracey
3 years ago

Black Country group, depression meetup

Hi everyone, Most of the west midland depression grousp are fairly dormant now, will try to keep as active on this as possible so we can potentially get a meetup together and try to beat this.


Feel so sad

Hi I have just moved home and feel so lonely. I feel like everyone where I live resents me being here and yet I have done nothing wrong. Just trying to settle with my daughter but there is a real atmosphere and I feel like I have made a huge mistake. I lost my mother 2 years ago and have had a tough life and yet I'm the kindest person you could meet. Why do I struggle to be happy?

Started by tobehappy
11 months ago

Feeling alone and down

For anyone who what's to chat about your feelings

Started by benhall1
3 years ago

Friends in Need Croydon

Croydon Friends in Need started in the summer of 2012 and has grown from strength to strength with the support of its members. Begun under the charity Depression Alliance it is now part of Mind in Croydon and we work in partnership with Croydon IAPT (the local NHS team providing talking therapy to those affected by low mood and/or anxiety). We have an event or activity on most weekdays and some evening and weekends as well as the occasional trip into London and beyond. Posts are by Sarah Strong (FiN Croydon Coordinator) or occasionally a volunteer working on behalf of FiN Croydon. The main offline project is at the current time only open to those who have been referred by a therapist at Croydon IAPT. This group, however, is open to anyone and everyone who would like to meet up with others in the Borough. The idea behind Friends in Need is to provide chances for people who experience anxiety and depression to meet up and support each other. The aim is to try to prevent the isolation and loneliness that often comes with low mood. If you aren't able to access the Croydon FIN offline project at the moment as you haven't been in communication with Croydon IAPT please do use this group to make contact with others in the area who are in a similar position! You may wish to investigate accessing the Social Networking Service at Mind in Croydon services as well. Copy and paste this link into your browser:

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Whether you are affected by depression or you’re supporting someone with depression, our community can help you:

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