Is Friends in Need anonymous?

Your information will not be made public on Friends in Need or anywhere else although, we will ask for your personal details during the registration process. Your email address and name will only be visible to the Friends in Need team and moderators but we will only use this information to contact you. When using the Friends in Need site, you will be known by your username. Choose your username carefully, as you will not be able to change it. The first half of your postcode will also be visible so that you can connect with people local to you.


Is Friends in Need free?

Yes! Friends in Need is totally free because we are funded by kind donations. Friends in Need is a community created and led by Depression Alliance, if you would like to contribute to our work please consider making a donation.


Can I join Friends in Need if I do not have depression myself?

Yes. Friends in Need is for anyone whose lives have been affected by depression. This may mean that you have depression yourself or know someone who does, such as a family member, friend or work colleague.